Uwe Weber – Schauspieler Musiker Komponist

awaiting a windfall
awaiting a windfall
se le va
se le va
Director, actor, performer, musician, textauthor and composer. Born in may 61 in Nuremberg, germany. On stage since 1978 in germany and international in austria, czech, italy, ireland, bulgaria, turkey, ukrain, japan, zimbabve. In the 80ths member of the Multitmedial-Avandgarde- and Performancecollectiv Hautwexel, in 90ths experimental Jazz- and rockfusion, for example: Kastura. Since 92 working for the theatre thevo as an director, actor, textauthor, performer, musiccomposer. Own studio for composing, mixing and mastering: a.part.mental.studio. Coach for acting and performer, training for future managers. And besides sometimes cooperations: Music-, Performance-, or Theatreprojects.


  • art director for the theatre thevo (selection)
  • investigation, conception, composition, choreographing for Ka-Nauten (premiere autum 2024).
  • investigation, conception, choreographing for Tamamakuma (premiere may 2020).
  • investigation and conception for Der Lutballon mit der blonden Perücke (premiere may 2018).
  • investigation and conception for Wo ist Faris? (premiere 2017).
  • lead directing, conception, music for the das abstract-expressiv performance: ABGEKARTET (Premiere Oktober 2016).
  • director, investigation, conception for: FluchtEnde? (2015).
  • codirector for: Aids gehts los (Season 3/2014) - Sex as Sex can
  • director MeinsDeins (2014)
  • codirector for: Wir brauchen Dich! (2013)
  • more

  • actor and performer

  • performer (acting, dancing) in Tonträger (2016)
  • performer in "münden" (2015)
  • since 1994 till 2017 actor for the theatre thevo with almost 2500 performances on stage
  • more

  • Composer, musician, vocalist and the a.apart.mental.studio

  • since 2015 working for the productions "Music for ambient" (experimental Ambientmusic), "GegenLebenBeben" (new classic), "...another message" (Music for the stage)
  • 2014: release "se le va" (Audio CD)
  • 2014: composition for the soloperformance münden
  • Klangkunstfestival Quadrophonia in Nuremberg
  • a.part.mental.studio since 1995
  • more

  • Lecturer and coaching

  • self-developed theatre- and performancetraining TTT for thevo since 2009
  • workshops for theatre [PDF, 75K]
  • lecturer for theatre since 2007: Internationaler Bund
  • Trainig for future managers (GGSD, Bavaria and Gutmann Wire, Weißenburg)